Author: echaz99

The Value? of Going Viral

How many times have we heard about the need to go viral? I have sat in marketing meetings discussing the need for a viral video, infographic, quote, etc. Measuring that impact, however, is often difficult without putting in the right tracking systems.

This brings me to a recent interaction with fame and fortune, and the results.

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the Venture Beat Mobile Summit in Sausalito, CA at Cavalo Point in February of this year. There were several great sessions, but the closing discussion had the one and only MC Hammer.

The great thing about Hammer is the combination of confidence and humility. I have been seeing him at tech events for several years, at events like’s Dreamforce:

Me and tens of thousands of my fellow cloud tech adopters at #df12 jamming to … @mchammer. We embrace the latest tech and 80s style

But that was music. At VentureBeat, he was talking about technology:

“A celebrity can make an app and draw in users, but you won’t keep them if your game isn’t good” #vbms wisdom from @MCHammer

What happened when I quoted him? @MCHammer retweeted me. Others retweeted me. Eventifier captured the stream, and my follower count increased. All because of one 80’s star that has turned into a modern tech evangelist.

Sometimes the trick to going viral is just about basking in the glow of someone else’s traffic.